Top Dressing & Over Seeding

  • Surface levelling and repair.
  • Sward renovation and rejuvenation.

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Improving the quality and appearance of your lawn

Top dressing and over seeding are two lawn renovation treatments that are often carried out together to improve the quality and appearance of your lawn.

What is 'Top Dressing'?

Top dressing is the process of adding a layer of sandy soil to the lawn’s surface and may be recommended by your Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd lawn care specialist following scarification or aeration.

Top dressing offers many benefits such as:

  • Improving the quality of soil
  • Building drought resistance 
  • Facilitating a better drainage system
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Encouraging root growth 
  • Smoothing out uneven areas
  • Providing additional nutrition.
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What is 'Over Seeding'?

Over seeding will rejuvenate and restore your lawn to its former glory. Over time, soil compaction, an overgrowth of moss and weeds or excess thatch can leave your lawn looking dull with bare patches. This is because a lawn that is suffering with one or more of these common problems will be deprived of oxygen, water and nutrition. Over seeding is merely another term for ‘re-seeding’.

By applying an additional layer of seed to your lawn, old grass will be replenished and bare patches will be replaced with young healthy grass. An improved appearance is not the only benefit that over seeding offers.

Over seeding will improve the quality of your lawn so that it has better resistance to diseases and moss/weed infestations.

Why Choose Apeiron Lawn Care for Your Lawn Renovation Treatments?

At Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd, we are not just another lawn care company; we are a specialist lawn care company with a focus on essential and beneficial treatments.

We are passionate about what we do and take great pleasure in bringing the very best out of your lawn.

The perfect lawn does not happen by chance; it comes from an expert with the right knowledge and skill set to overcome problems and enhance your outdoor living.

A smooth, even lawn that boasts luscious green grass all year round is our speciality.

To discuss our top dressing and over seeding services, call Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd today.