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My Early Influences

I remember a time when just about everybody took pride in their gardens and I especially remember both sets of grandparents’ gardens where everything was ‘just so’. One grew vegetables in a neat and well tendered plot with enormous cabbages planted in regimental squares and gooseberry bushes bursting with plump fruits.

The other garden was ornamental with clipped lawns, bordered with bedding plants. I especially remember I was captivated by the colour, symmetry and formality of the final effect, everything ‘just so’.

I remember a pond in that garden at which a boy would sit like a gnome fishing with a cane rod, calm and relaxed, fascinated by its inhabitants, gazing out on the manicured lawns.

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The Inspiration For Apeiron Lawn Care

I only realised how much all of these memories helped explain my passion for lawn care and an intense sense of fulfilment to know that we create stunning garden spaces that look great all year, every year, when I discovered a photograph hanging on our stairwell.

The photograph depicts me as that boy sitting next to the gnome, fishing with a cane rod, calm and relaxed, gazing out on the manicured lawns.

Even now I can recall the fragrance of the pine trees that were the backdrop to the garden and the smell of freshly cut grass and these are the reasons why I do what I do.