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Allowing oxygen, nutrients and water to move freely to vitalise your lawn

Aeration is the mechanical process carried out to alleviate soil compaction. Aeration enables oxygen, nutrients and water to move freely to vitalise your lawn and is an essential component of any lawn care plan.

What Causes Soil Compaction?

Compaction is a common problem with most soil types. Any form of weight placed on top of the soil can cause compaction and in the case of a private lawn, foot traffic is likely to be the number one cause.

A good soil is one that is loose with many air pockets between the particles to allow gases and water to move freely. When soil becomes crushed and particles are pushed tightly together, air and water cannot move freely through the lawn and growth of the grass is stunted.

On the surface, a pale-coloured, patchy and water-logged lawn that is overrun with moss and weeds is an indicator of soil compaction. Aeration is a simple yet effective method of breaking down even the most heavily compacted soil.

Lawn Aeration

When Should My Lawn be Aerated?

If your lawn suffers from excess thatch and a build up of moss, the best time to perform aeration is after scarification in the Spring or Autumn.

At Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd, our team of lawn care specialists are highly knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of lawn care. We will assess your lawn before making any recommendations as we know that no two lawns are the same.

If aeration is required, we will get to work quickly as grass that is dehydrated and deficient in nutrients requires immediate attention.

If your lawn is suffering from a pale appearance, bare patches or an overgrowth of moss or weeds, get in touch with Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd

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