Robot Lawn Mowers

  • Having to spend hours looking after the lawn?
  • Fed up with having an untidy and unhealthy lawn?

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Robot Lawn Mower

The installation of a robot mower could be the answer to your problems!

Here are just some of the benefits of Apeiron Lawn Care installing a robot mower on your lawn:

  • It saves a lot of personal time and money maintaining the lawn with a traditional mower so you can relax and socialise in the garden, not work in it.
  • It takes away all the physical effort, especially if using machinery is becoming a problem.
  • Typically, you achieve a return on your investment after 18mths* when comparing the costs of engaging a mowing service company over the same period.
Robot Lawn Mowers
  • Constant cutting keeps the lawn healthy and looking great all the time, encouraging the grass to thicken, helping to crowd out weeds and moss.
  • The mulching action means there is no collection or grass disposal required and the finely chopped cuttings naturally fertilise the lawn. All this means your garden will remain BBQ and garden party ready!
  • 'Green' credentials. No pollution when compared with a traditional petrol lawn mower.
  • Helps to keep pets safe when combined with the AMICO collar device.

*based on a weekly cut priced at £40 per cut during the growing season.

Robotic Lawn Mower Installation

Aperion Lawn Care provide an installation, ongoing management and annual service in the following postcode areas:


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